Brides Getting Ready

Hair, make-up, shoes and jewellery

and a little encouragement!

On any wedding day usually the first person to be up and getting ready is the bride, so here are a selection of brides getting ready.  The hair and make-up have to be done, shoes to unbox, the dress to hang up and time to share with friends and maybe a drink or two to calm the nerves.  This is a part of each wedding day I take great care when photographing.

These are intimate moments and I am always conscious that the bride will be both nervous and excited and I have to respect whatever her wishes are.  Not every bride is comfortable with having someone photographing them getting ready so I always check well in advance of the day if this is something they would like to.  I will even check again on the day just to be sure. As always my aim is to capture these moments as they unfold and not to be intrusive.

Hair can take a while to fix just right, whether the bride does it herself, a friend helps out or a professional hairdresser is on hand.

Make-up for weddings is often subtle and understated but it can be bold and daring as well.

Shoes of all types seem to be in vogue for weddings these days.  I’ve seen Jimmy Choo’s, UGG Boots, custom white Converse, stilettos, pumps and barefoot all walk down the aisle!

Time now to pop in a little jewellery…

Brides Getting ready by Highland Wedding Photographer Ewan Mathers

Some final words of encouragement from a close friend…

brides getting ready - Wedding Photographer in the Highlands of Scotland Ewan Mathers

Then pick up the veil, put on the dress and it’s time for the ceremony! And that’s all on brides getting ready – will you be next?

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