A Live Wedding Band to play at your Scottish Wedding

A guide for the perplexed

Searching for a live wedding band in Scotland can be pretty tricky so my friends at Music For Scotland – the leading supplier of wedding and function bands across the country – have come up with a guide which I hope will help you on your way!  

live wedding band - Scottish Country Dancing by Edinburgh Wedding Photographer Ewan Mathers

Choose a Wedding Agency

There are a few live music agencies out there to choose from. I recommend starting with Music for Scotland who produce all of their bands to ensure they are of the highest standard and have the energy and charisma to make your wedding entertainment unforgettable. 

They also help their bands make sure that the set-lists include a good mix of material to entertain guests of all ages.

All of their bands can provide a short ceilidh set and are willing to learn first dance requests; if you’re not sure what you’re doing, they also have ceilidh callers too! 

With Music for Scotland you have the peace of mind to know that everything will run smoothly and your selected band will do an excellent job on your big day!

Look at the bands’ websites

There are many great bands out there and not all are featured on agency websites.  However there are lots of not so good and inexperienced bands as well. There are also bands that perhaps play without a live drummer using backing tracks.

While they might be a cheaper option, they won’t have the same excitement and vibrancy of a full live band. Make sure all the key ingredients are there – electric guitar, bass, drums and perhaps keyboards too.

live wedding band - Wedding Photographer in Edinburgh Highlands Scotland - Ewan Mathers

See the Live Bands in Action

Looking through song lists will give you a good idea of whether the band is right for you. Hearing and seeing them, either live or via a well made video, will help you understand if you like the singer’s voice and how they perform, supporting your decision on the right artists for you. 

Of course, if the option is available, it’s well worth attending a live wedding band showcase, even if you have already selected a band. Nothing beats hearing the band perform live, and you may even spot a band that you prefer. Some bands will also perform regular pub gigs.

Read the Reviews

A talented wedding band will have lots of testimonials; this should give you an idea of how busy they are. Check out how frequently they publish the testimonies too – if they have at least one or two reviews posted every month or so, then you can be sure they are popular and busy.

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Take recommendations from friends

Take recommendations seriously! Someone you know has probably been to a wedding with live music recently and you get an excellent recommendation from a band you overlooked. People also share their experiences on forums too so it’s worth browsing to see what people have said about their band. 

If you’d like more advice, contact Music For Scotland for a no-obligation chat.

If you would like to get in touch to arrange a chat, a meeting or to book your wedding then call or text me anytime on 0794 154 8214 or use the Contact Form.